Women Skiing Activities

Winter 2022-2023

New for Winter 2023: Women Ski & Connect Retreat at the Talus Lodge! 

Women are wired to gather, connect, and share. When women get together, it has the capacity to improve their health and wellbeing. It helps balancing their hormones, releasing tension, and gives them a way to share their journeys. It also allows them to be playful and have fun! Laughing and witnessing others on their woman’s journey can be a powerful healing force.

This past winter with Olivia Sofer, certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guide) ski guide, we offered two Avalanche 1 courses for women and two single day backcountry skiing trips for women. All offerings were positively received by women. For Winter 2022-2023 we are excited to offer a Women’s retreat at the Talus Lodge January 30 to February 2, 2023. Dates are also coming for more Avalanche courses for women and day trips.

December 2021 Avalanche 1 for Women group. All smiles at the end of our field day! Thank you Olivia!

We will update this page whenever new offerings come, so please visit back and push the “refresh” button to make sure you are looking at our latest offerings.

The group sizes are limited. Register early if interested… to avoid disappointment.

For any additional information about our Women group activites, please email: info@inspirecanmore.com

For additional information about Olivia Sofer, visit: www.wildtrips.ca

I hope to see you on your skis, in the backcountry!


Anne-Marie Fafard, PT & Manual Osteopathy Therapist

Avalanche 1 for Women:  (AST 1: Avalanche Skill Training Level 1)

This course will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is:
1. Based on the most advanced knowledge available
2. Suitable for use by people with basic training and little experience
3. Will demonstrate and educate on the use of the Avaluator to provide a consistent and structured approach to trip planning, slope evaluation and decision making in avalanche terrain
4. Will demonstrate the use and educate on companion rescue
5. Students will leave with a certificate of completion

The AST 1 is appropriate for anyone who is interested in or required to make decisions involving exposure to avalanches.  It is aimed at entry level decision makers who have no prior training and little to no experience.

Olivia teaching us how to assess the snow layers

Olivia teaching us how to assess the snow layers

Course Agenda
Day 1 – 3hrs of Theory online, on Zoom
Day 2 – Field Day starts at 9:00 am


Pre-study: 4-8 hours of self-study of virtual content before the online Zoom meeting.

Friday January 13, 2023: 4 to 7 pm: Online on Zoom
Saturday January 14, 2023: Field day, backcountry, *location TBD

*The location is decided before the field day depending on the weather and snow condition

Instructor: Olivia Sofer, ACMG ski guide (www.wildtrips.ca)

Fee: $255 + GST = $267.75

Participants: 8 women

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations up to 7 days before: $45 administration fee retained. The balance is refunded.

Cancellations within 7 days: No refund
This includes if the participant decides not to join due to weather. Our instructors assess the weather, avalanche conditions, group experience and other safety elements before deciding on the location and plan for the day.

Covid related Cancellations:
In case of cancellation due to having covid symptoms, or being sick, the fee can be:
– transferred to another day if available, or
– half the course fee is refunded, or
– the participant find another person to replace them. Note that the replacement is required to do the self study and the online portion of the course prior to the field day.

Registration: To register, please email: info@inspirecanmore.com
Payment:  e-transfer at: olivia@wildtrips.ca

Backcountry Day Trips for Women:

1 day of skiing/ split boarding in the backcountry with a guide.
– Ability to ski blue or black runs at the hill, carry a backpack and be in the outdoor and physically active for the day.

February 9, 2022 Ski day for Women at Crowfoot Glades. We were 4 women with Olivia Sofer. We had a wonderdul day!

– Open to work with the group and learn.
– Wanting to have fun with other women!

*Experience with Avalanche gear is an asset, but is not mandatory.
All participants will carry their avalanche gear.
A quick review of how to use the transceiver is done at the beginning of the day.

These day trips are an excellent way to try backcountry skiing.
Please email: info@inspirecanmore.com if you have questions about your own level.

Dates 2022-2023:
Olivia Sofer of Wildtrips is our guide for these day trips. wildtrips.ca

*Monday, November 21, 2022 (* at Sunshine ski resost working on technique. This is not a backcountry day)
Thursday December 15, 2022
Monday January 16, 2023
Thursday February 9, 2023
Monday February 27, 2023
Monday March 13, 2023

Location: It is determined closer to the date. It is dependent on the current weather and snow conditions.

Time: 9 am – 3:30 pm (9 am is start time)

Group size: 3 to 5 women (per 1 guide)

Fee: $150 + GST = $157.50 per day

Registration: email info@inspirecanmore.com with your desired date and level of experience.

Payment: email: olivia@wildtrips.ca

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations up to 7 days before: $45 administration fee retained. The balance is refunded.

Cancellations within 7 days: No refund
This includes if the participant decides to not join due to weather. Our instructors assess the weather, avalanche conditions, group experience and other safety elements before deciding on the location and plan for the day.

Covid related cancellations:
In case of cancellation due to having covid or being sick, the fee can be:
– transferred to another day if available, or
– half the course fee is refunded, or
– the participant find another person to replace them. Note that the replacement is required to have the physical ability to ski or split board for the day. They also need to have their avalanche gear.

In case of cancellations due to our guide being sick, a full refund will be provided.

Women’s Connect & Ski Retreat at the Talus Lodge 2023

About the Women Connect & Ski Talus Lodge Retreat 2023

We are offering a women’s retreat and backcountry ski trip combined. The retreat seeks to inspire women to connect with themselves, each other, and nature. It is an opportunity to live a new adventure with a group of women. It is also a time to grow your backcountry skiing experience with professional ski guides.

The retreat includes group sessions with a focus on sharing, reflecting, and stretching our minds, hearts and bodies together. The sessions are led by Anne-Marie Fafard and Janine Mak, experienced women’s health therapists.

The skiing adventure is led by Olivia Sofer and Thomas Grandi (or another Talus Lodge guide). Both are ACMG  (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) accredited ski guides. Thomas is also the owner of the Talus lodge.

The retreat is at the Talus Lodge, which is rustic and accessible by helicopter. It is off the grid with no internet access, no wifi. It is a place to slow down and connect.

Group size: 12-14 women including Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak
Dates: Monday January 30 to Thursday February 2, 2023
Base fee: $1795 (see “About your investment” for details)

About Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy and the Talus Lodge
This retreat is a merging of two offerings:

1- A women’s group skiing trip provided by the Talus Lodge. The Talus Lodge
2- A women’s retreat organized by Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak of Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

To complete your registration, steps and payments to both Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy and the Talus Lodge are required.
Please take the time to read the following information carefully. We are here to help! if you have any questions, please email info@inspirecanmore.com

About the Talus Lodge ski trip
Please familiarize yourself with the Talus Lodge ski trip by clicking on the links below:

The skiing: Click here
About the People (info about Thomas Grandi): Click here
Helicopter access:  Click here
Gear list: Click here
Daily flow: Click here
Covid-19 management plan including mandatory proof of Vaccination: Click here

About the Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Women’s retreat, Anne-Marie Fafard, Janine Mak & Olivia Sofer
Anne-Marie Fafard and Janine Mak are experienced physiotherapists with a special interest in women’s health. Anne-Marie Fafard is also a manual osteopathy therapist. Janine Mak is also a Clinical Pilates instructor. Anne-Marie & Janine are owners of Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy clinic based in Canmore, Alberta.

Anne-Marie Fafard has more than 20 years experience treating women. Through her work, she has witnessed the importance of women connecting with their deeper self, each other, and nature to improve their wellbeing. During this backcountry skiing retreat, Anne-Marie will lead group sessions to guide women to experience a deeper connection with themselves, each other, and their environment.

Janine Mak is a passionate physiotherapist who loves to teach women how to strengthen their bodies safely so they can do the activities they love. In her practice, she offers individual physiotherapy treatments, one-on-one Clinical Pilates sessions and teaches group exercise classes for women. During this retreat, Janine will lead stretching group sessions.

The Retreat Daily Schedule
Skiing/Split boarding is the priority. Timing for the retreat group offerings will be adjusted to the skiing schedule. Free time is included in the retreat to allow deeper connection to emerge. Note that with the skiing schedule, a turn around point will be offered if you wish to return to the lodge earlier.

To read about the daily skiing schedule, click here: https://www.taluslodge.com/daily_flow/

Anne-Marie Fafard, PT, DOMP, & Janine Mak, PT, Clinical Pilates Instructor retreat sessions:
We are planning evening group sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The sessions will combine stretching, reflexion and sharing on reaching deeper health and connections as women.

To read about Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak, click this link: About Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak
To read about Olivia Sofer of Wildtrips, click this link: About Olivia Sofer (scroll down a bit on the page)

About your investment
This backcountry skiing women retreat is an investment in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. An act of self care. We thank you for taking time to care for yourself. When we care for ourselves, we have a positive influence on the people around us too.

The base fee:
The total base fee for the Retreat is $1795. Please review the information below to understand what is included and not, both for the Talus Lodge and Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

The Talus Lodge Fees
Registration fee (Non-refundable): $200 – Due at the time of registration.
Fee: $1295. Due 12 weeks prior to the trip, on November 7, 2022.
For what is and is not included in the price: Click here
All fees include Taxes.

Talus Lodge Not included
-Evacuation insurance in case of medical emergency. $50 + taxes. Available through the Talus Lodge
-Trip cancellation or interruption insurance from a reputable insurance company. More information under cancellation policy.
-Gratuities for the guides.
Please read the Talus website for all details

The Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Fees
The full retreat fee is $300 including GST. It is due at the time of registration and includes:

-$70 Registration fee (Non-refundable). It covers the administrative cost to organize the trip, save your spot & cover Olivia Sofer’s administrative registration fee.
-$230 for the Retreat group sessions led by Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak.

Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Not included:
Anne-Marie Fafard and Janine Mak would like to offer short individual physiotherapy or manual osteopathy therapy sessions during the retreat. More information about this option will be available closer to the trip. The price for these sessions is not be included in the retreat fee.

About the Cancellation Policies

Talus Lodge Cancellation Policy
$200 Registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and final. Due at the time of registration.
$1295 trip payment is non-refundable, but can be transferable in certain circumstances. Due 6 weeks prior to the trip; November 7, 2022.

All cancellations must be received in writing.

For details about the Talus Lodge Payment and Cancellation Policy, Click here (scroll down the page)

To avoid any financial hardship that an unexpected cancellation or interruption could cause, The Talus Lodge strongly urge clients to purchase appropriate trip cancellation/interruption/emergency medical and evacuation insurance through a reputable insurance provider to protect your investment. See more information on the Talus Website Click here (scroll down on the page).

For a free no obligation quote for a trip cancellation/interruption/emergency medical and evacuation insurance, Talus provide a link to Lifestyle Insurance: click here

Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Cancellation Policy
$70 Registration fee is non-refundable
$230 Retreat fee
All cancellations must be received in writing.

Participant Cancellation up to September 30, 2022

The $70 registration fee is retained. The balance $230 is returned on the credit card of the participant.

Participant Cancellation from October 1, 2022

The full $300 registration is retained.  It is possible for a participant to transfer their registration to another woman. Participants are responsible to find someone to replace them.

Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy Cancellations

For cancellation by Anne-Marie Fafard, Janine Mak or Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

If one of Anne-Marie Fafard or Janine Mak cannot attend the retreat. The retreat and ski trip will carry on as planned. No refund will be issued for this reason.

If both Anne-Marie Fafard & Janine Mak cannot attend, all scenarios will be considered. This is from offering participants to carry on with the ski trip without the retreat or rescheduling the whole trip and retreat to a later date. The variable considered in the decision making will include the size of the group and the participants’ desire to carry on with the ski trip without the retreat.

If the retreat is cancelled, but not the ski trip, participants will be reimbursed $230 retreat fee. The $70 registration fee will be retained.

If the ski trip and retreat is rescheduled, the total fee of $300 will be automatically transferred to the new dates. If a participant cannot make the new dates, they will be refunded $230 (Their retreat fee minus the non-refundable registration fee). The future retreat fees will be subject to change depending on the ongoing Talus Lodge rates at the new scheduled time.

Note that if the retreat and the trip is cancelled and rescheduled, the $200 registration fee for the Talus Lodge is non-refundable and non-transferable. This means a new registration fee will be charged by the Talus Lodge for the new dates.

Registration Steps

1- Register with Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. Email us at info@inspirecanmore.com or book online here

2- Pay the Women retreat fee to  Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy: $300 retreat fee: $70 registration fee + $230.

3- Inspire will send your name and email to The Talus Lodge. The Talus Lodge will email you their guest agreement. Your $200 Talus Lodge Registration fee is due at that time.

4-The Talus participant fee of $1295. It is due 12 weeks prior to the trip; November 7, 2022.

5- Buy your Talus Evacuation coverage, $50 + taxe. Contact the Talus Lodge directly for this.

6- Look into trip cancellation, interruption, medical insurance from a reputable company. Talus provides a link for a free quote with Lifestyle Insurance.