We are presently offering our classes online.

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Testimonial for the Online Floor & Core Class: 

“Recovery after delivery was quite challenging. The onset of a global pandemic made things even worse. Pelvic floor intervention was part of the rehabilitation recommendations post discharge from the hospital. With social distancing and hygiene protocols still in a blur, therapy was far from being a reality. Thanks to Anne-Marie Fafard and Janine Mak. The online sessions offered by Janine were excellent and just perfect for this crisis situation. I was able to attend the sessions despite being miles away from Canmore. The sessions were simple and easy to follow. The exercises were relaxing and perfect for the recovery period. The exercises were taught in increasing complexity and Janine suggested various ways in which these could be modified to fit individual needs. I benefited the most from the stretches that Janine suggested specially for those muscles and joints involved in carrying the baby. My baby enjoys the songs I learnt during baby time; peak-a-boo is his favorite. He is mostly asleep because of the time difference (10 pm Indian Standard Time) but we sing these songs everyday during play time  All this at the comfort of your own home is priceless. Thanks again to these two amazing women for being so accommodating and thoughtful.”

-Linta Samuel, May 29, 2020

Online Class for Moms & Babies – Level 1 & 2

*Please note that our next session will be a Level 1/2 combination class, therefore an assessment is required prior to attending.  A physiotherapy receipt will be issued after each class.

★Learn how to properly engage your core muscles to incorporate in your regular fitness regime and daily activities. Gain strength and understanding of the pelvic floor, abdominals and back.

★ The class uses principles of rehabilitative Pilates and focus on working on your strength and core from the inside out.

★ Appropriate for all post natal women.

★ Babies welcome

Instructor: Janine Mak, Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

Dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22 2021

Location: Online

Fee: $60 session ($15 per class).  A physiotherapy receipt is provided. An initial Physiotherapy Assessment with Janine Mak is required. Online assessment available.

Register: email

Online Strength and Core Class for Moms & Babies – Level 2

This class will focus on increasing overall strength while still maintaining the core. Progressions will include the use equipment and weights and progress to combination movements. Elements of the Return to Sport class such as cardio and more advanced stability work may be incorporated into the class.. Train your muscles to move in different directions and return to activity in a safe and progressive environment.. Although more challenging options will be given in this class, modifications will always be provided.
It is highly recommended that you have completed the Floor and Core class prior to attending this class. An online pre-class assessment is required prior to registering for this class. A physiotherapy receipt will be provided.