Manual Osteopathy for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Format: Online course on Zoom

Date: Thursday May 26, 2022
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm, MST

Fee: $60 + GST = $63

Description: This course will cover the main changes to the woman’s body during pregnancy and how manual osteopathy can support women during this important period. Students will gain a better understanding of how to treat women at the end of pregnancy comfortably.

For: osteopaths, manual osteopathy therapists, 4 or 5th year osteopathy students

Instructor: Anne-Marie Fafard, DOMP, PT

Anne-Marie Fafard

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Anne-Marie Fafard’s bio:

Anne-Marie started treating women’s pelvic floor dysfunctions as a physiotherapist in 1999. From the start, she had a special interest in pre and post natal care. Over the years, other than offering individual treatments, she has also taught pre and post natal classes and did some doula work, accompanying women to labour and delivery.

Anne-Marie has completed her manual osteopathy therapy studies with the Canadian College of Osteopathy in 2015. One of Anne-Marie’s favorite areas of practice is to help women prepare for labour and delivery, and, offer early post natal care to both the mothers and babies.