Due to COVID 19, our clinic is closed and we are presently offering online sessions. We are now preparing our protocols to start offering in-person treatment again sometimes in June. When we restart with in-person sessions, we will offer a combination of online and in-person treatment care. We have had great success helping women online and we think it will be important to continue to offer both as we continue to navigate the Covid-19 situation.
Please note that the return to in-person manual osteopathy treatment is set to happen in stage 2 of the Alberta plan. At this time, stage 2 is set for June 19.
Finally, to read a testimonial on our new online sessions, please go to the service/ physiotherapy page and scroll down to the bottom.


Anne-Marie Fafard offers Manual Osteopathy Therapy Services. Presently offered online.

She is a member of the Alberta Association of Osteopathy Manual Therapists.

She sees women during pregnancy to promote comfort and symmetry in their spine, hips, pelvis.

She prepares women for labour and delivery. She also sees women early after birth, offering a home visit to women from Canmore. Anne-Marie then continues to treat women until about 3 to 4 months post natal. She also collaborates with a yoga instructor to offer Post Natal Yoga classes for Moms and babies.

Osteopathy Manual Therapy Services

Session Type Duration (mins) Fees
Initial Assessment – Adult 60 $145
Follow-up Treatment – Adult 60 $125
Initial Assessment – Child 60 $120
Follow-up Treatment – Child 60 $120
Post Natal Home visit for mother and baby 90 $190

Manual Osteopathy Therapy receipts are provided.