Anne-Marie Fafard offers Manual Osteopathy Therapy Services. She is a member of the Alberta Association of Osteopathy Manual Therapists.

Part of the Alberta Association of Osteopathy Manual Therapists’ description of Manual Osteopathy is:
“Osteopathic manual therapy focuses on the assessment and treatment of disorders of the body’s structure, whether it is related to the pelvis, peripheral joints, visceral organs, nervous systems, venous system or spine.” To read more, please visit the Alberta Association of Osteopathy Manual Therapists web page: What is osteopathy?

Anne-Marie Fafard sees women during pregnancy to promote comfort and symmetry in their spine, hips, pelvis.
Anne-Marie also prepares women for labour and delivery, and continues to see them post natal until about 3 to 4 months, or longer when necessary.

Anne-Marie Fafard works in close collaboration with her colleague Janine Mak who works with her at Inspire Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

Anne-Marie Fafard also helps women with fertility challenges and dysfunction, conditions or pain affecting women’s bladder, bowel or sexual health.
Anne-Marie is a also a physiotherapist with experience treating pelvic floor function. She also offers pelvic floor physiotherapy treatments.

Osteopathy Manual Therapy Services

Session Type Duration (mins) Fees
Initial Assessment – Adult 60 $165
Follow-up Treatment – Adult 60 $165
Initial Assessment – Child 60 $120
Follow-up Treatment – Child 60 $120

Manual Osteopathy Therapy receipts are provided.